Why Switch Small Business Electricity Providers?

Australian small business owners know the value of finding a reliable supplier who can offer the very best price – yet only 44% of surveyed business owners reported switching energy providers to get a better deal. With the rising cost of electricity, energy bills for small business owners are steadily increasing, with approximately 50% of small businesses naming their electricity bill as their biggest cause of financial anxiety.

As a result, a greater number of small business owners are now taking a vested interest in monitoring their energy usage and are implementing strategies designed to minimise how much power their business needs. But in addition to making smarter energy choices, many businesses could benefit from switching their small business electricity providers. These advantages include:

  • Saving money on your energy bills: If a business has been based at the same address for many years, then it’s highly likely that they’ve just been using the same old electricity supplier since day one. Over the years, energy tariffs have likely increased, initial discounts have expired and the electricity bill has slowly but surely crept upward. Switching could save you a lot of money.


  • Addressing your changing business needs: As small businesses grow and change their energy needs evolve as well. A business that initially operated with just a desktop computer may eventually upsize and start to add in additional PC’s, printers, scanners, televisions, coffee machines…all of which require more electricity. Any time your business changes location or adds a significant amount of new technology it’s worth shopping around for a better electricity deal.


  • Embracing a greener energy supply: More small businesses are now moving towards energy-efficient methods of operation. This may be fuelled by a moral obligation towards the environment or simply the fact that a growing number of customers are choosing to support sustainable businesses. Whatever the reason, switching electricity providers allows you to choose from a range of plans that utilise renewable energy sources.


  • Taking advantage of business deals that offer discounted bundles: If your small business currently has different suppliers for electricity and gas then you may be able to save money by switching to a discounted bundle deal. Many energy providers now offer great discounts for small businesses that switch both their electricity and gas over, with the added benefit that your business will have one less supplier to deal with.


  • Benefiting from a higher level of customer service: If you’ve ever wasted hours stuck on hold while trying to sort out an issue with your current electricity provider, then why not switch to a retailer with better customer service. Gone are the days where you just had to put up with whatever level of poor service your electricity supplier offered – many energy providers now have a strong commitment to prompt and efficient customer service.


  • Using online comparisons that are simple, fast and totally free: Switching to a new small business electricity provider doesn’t have to be just another time-consuming administration headache. By taking advantage of a free online energy comparison service you’ll be able to quickly and simply get the best electricity deal possible for your business.


Author: Bec Wilkinson
Bec Wilkinson is an ElectricityComparison.com.au News Contributor from Melbourne, Australia. Bec is a founding member of the Electricity Comparison news team.