Saving money and contributing to a sustainable and eco-friendly way of life is sitting at the forefront of households, so keeping up to date with what your current energy provider is offering is important for your back pocket as well as your carbon footprint. In this article we are going to list three reasons as to why you should be changing your energy provider, and the easiest way to do it, too! Please note that you should always consult those living with you before changing, as well as alerting your provider in advance before making a switch!

So, why would I change my current energy provider?


 There is a cheaper option out there:

It might sound obvious, but a valid reason to change energy providers is that there could be a cheaper option out there. Companies are consistently evolving their energy plans and perks, so using something like a price comparison website can be a great start to seeing whether you are eligible for a cheaper plan with a new provider.

There can also be the opportunity to switch to different plans within the same supplier. This can be as simple as calling up the help desk to enquire, and they will use data from your current plan to see if there is something better out there for you. To keep track of the latest plans available on the market, check 3-4 times a year (especially around holiday season to see discounts!) and make a conscious effort to keep in contact with your current supplier.


You have been with your current provider for 2+ years:

Everybody is tempted in to ‘new customer’ deals, whether it is for an online subscription service or your energy provider, the fundementals are the same. The longer you stay subscripted/contracted to one provider (regardless of what they supply you with) your tariff will often change after a 18-24 month period. We recommend checking your current plan to see when there was an increase in price and compare that to new plans before changing.

This ties in to the first point of there being a cheaper option out there, but if you are reading this and cannot remember the last time you switched providers, it might be time to look on a price comparison website to see what you are missing out on.


 Your personal situation has changed:

This is probably the most important reason as to why you would change energy providers. Your living situation is impactful on all areas of life, from the amount of food you buy to the amount of petrol you put in the car, your energy consumption should be treated no differently to this.

For example, if you accept a new job which means you relocate from Melbourne to Sydney and you are traveling for 40% of your new job, the amount of energy used in the home arguably could go down by 40% depending on who else is cohabitating with you. Living circumstance is also important to look at, and ensure that if you are in a shared household with split bills to consult others living with you before making a switch. So, keep track of your living situation, work life and personal life as it is constantly changing.

In summary, looking at these three variables as a starting point could indicate a valid reason as to why you should change energy providers, or at least check in on a regular basis to make sure you are getting the most economical and financially viable deal! It’s important to also highlight that all three reasons have noticeable impact on your carbon footprint, which in our eyes is a win-win, as you can save yourself money, but also contribute towards a more aware and economical environment.