Which Suppliers Offer Green Energy Plans?

Many energy retailers are now offering green energy plans to their customers, thanks in part to the GreenPower government initiative. With GreenPower, energy providers can now purchase renewable energy at higher levels on behalf of their environmentally-conscious customers. So, if you’re keen to do your bit for the planet and you’re looking to swap to a new energy provider, why not compare the rates from these power suppliers who offer green energy plans:

  • AGL: AGL plans come with the option of purchasing Green Choice™ products as a means of offsetting a household’s energy bills. You can choose what percentage of your electricity bill you want to offset (100%, 20% or 10%) and (for an added fee) AGL promise to source an equivalent amount of power from renewable energy sources. They also have the Future Forests program, where customers can pay $1 per week towards carbon offsetting.
  • Powershop: Powershop consistently rate as one of the most environmentally-friendly energy retailers in Australia and New Zealand. Their parent company (Meridian) has recently bought into several hydropower plants (in addition to the two wind farms it already owns) and has contracts in place to source energy from solar and wind farms across two different states. Their GreenPower Packs give customers the choice of displacing their total energy usage with renewable energy.
  • Origin Energy: Origin Energy has already invested in a lot of green energy as part of its goal to have 25% of their power comes from renewable sources by 2020. They offer customers GreenPower electricity plans that comply with the government’s GreenPower scheme, plus Green Gas products which have had all emissions offset.
  • Energy Locals: Clean energy is very important to Energy Locals, as evidenced by their clean and green energy plans. Rather than charge extra for carbon offsets, Energy Locals have a weekly membership fee and in return, customers get wholesale tariffs and 100% of their electricity usage carbon offset.
  • Dodo Power: Dodo is another retailer offering GreenPower plans, allowing customers to choose to offset either 10% or 100% of their electricity usage. Dodo charges an extra $0.0099 per kWh for customers on a GreenPower plan, which they use to buy a matching level of renewable energy that can be fed back into the grid.
  • ActewAGL: Greenchoice is the environmentally-friendly energy plan on offer at ActewAGL, where customers can choose to pay either a fixed daily amount or a variable total based on how much energy is consumed. Whichever option you decide to go with, ActewAGL will source a commeasurable amount of power from renewable generators authorised by GreenPower.
  • Energy Australia: Energy Australia has a range of PureEnergy plans so that businesses can offset the power they use (100%, 25% or 10%). Energy Australia pledge to buy a matching amount of renewable energy (from accredited sources) for all customers signed up to PureEnergy. They also have a carbon offset program in place for residential customers – once you’ve been with Energy Australia for 6 months, they will offset all of your family’s carbon emissions, totally free of charge.


Author: Bec Wilkinson
Bec Wilkinson is an ElectricityComparison.com.au News Contributor from Melbourne, Australia. Bec is a founding member of the Electricity Comparison news team.