Types of green energy in Australia

Green energy, also known as renewable energy is exactly that – renewable. It is energy that is recycled and is a much more efficient way of contributing less to greenhouse gases and emissions. Green energy is advocated in Australia, take GreenPower as an example. Launched over 20 years ago, GreenPower is a government plan that encourages those to use renewable energy over energy produced by burning fossil fuels.

In this article, we are going to go through the types of green energy that Australia has.


This is a type of energy that is produced from wind turbines. The wind power generates energy, which goes down to a generator, and is then converted into usable energy. Wind energy is the third most used renewable energy source, and is an eco-friendly way to generate power. Unfortunately, it is an expensive renewable energy source and is rendered useless if there are not enough wind in particular areas.


Solar power is one of the most popular and brilliant forms of green energy. Panels absorb light that is then converted into energy.  The upside to solar power is that it is limitless. There will never be a day where there is no natural light, meaning that solar is a renewable energy source that can be constantly used, and highly productive. The downside to solar is that it takes up a lot of space, and is expensive to install, meaning that it is not a commercially viable type of green energy in Australia.


Hydropower, also known as hydroelectricity is one of the most mature forms of green energy in Australia. It is generated through water currents pushing propellers that then convert the motion into energy use it. Hydropower is currently responsible for 8% of Australia’s electricity production.


This is not a commonly known source of green energy, but wave energy is what it says on the tin – energy that is generated through waves/tides. It is a new innovation that uses the movement to the surface of the ocean to generate power. This will hopefully be a more popular source in the future, as it seems to be a much smarter form of renewable energy in comparison to others that are more commercially used.


This is a type of renewable energy that is usually combined with less eco-friendly options to create a ‘blend’ of energy. The most common form of biofuel is ethanol, which is used as a fuel source. Unfortunately, not all vehicles support pure ethanol, meaning that this has to be combined with other sources. It may not be the most green, but it is a great way to hybrid less green sources and make them more environmentally friendly.


This is a form of green energy that is produced by using the earth’s natural heat and is achieved by digging deep into the earth’s core. It is not the most popular form due to the amount of labor that goes into it, but it is a brilliant source of generating electricity.


Author: Claire Stapley
Claire Stapley is ElectricityComparison.com.au's Energy Editor, based in Melbourne Australia. Claire is a founding member of ElectricityComparison.com.au News and Energy Team.