The ultimate moving home tick sheet – 6 weeks out

Moving home is not an easy task and can be overwhelming especially if it is your first time moving. This is a tick sheet (a condensed version of our checklist) that has all the key things you should have covered at least 6 weeks before you move. We hope it helps and that you can feel as prepared as possible!

Things to keep in mind:

  • Belongings are precious, so make sure you wrap them up well
  • Organisation is key, so being prepared with much of the move at least 6 weeks before is a great way to lower stress
  • Please remember that if you have pets, that they should be treated the same as people, as uprooting them quickly can cause a lot of stress
  • This is a general, quick tick sheet that should give you some guidance on what should be done at least 6 weeks before your move if you want a more in-depth breakdown, use our checklist that details all the way to move day!

6 weeks before moving (tick as you go along!)

  • ☐ Mail redirected
  • ☐ Alert school of move
  • ☐ Research on new schools in the area
  • ☐ Maintenance and cleaners booked
  • ☐ Car boot sale to get rid of old belongings/clothes
  • ☐ Pet relocation (where applicable)
    • ☐ Kennel
    • ☐ Friends/family
  • ☐ Important documents filed away
    • ☐ Passport
    • ☐ Birth certificate
    • ☐ Wills
    • ☐ Insurance documents
  • ☐ Removal van booked
  • ☐ Storage booked
  • ☐ Book time off with employer for the house move
  • ☐ Start using up frozen food
  • ☐ Insure precious items
    • ☐ Antiques
    • ☐ Jewelry
    • ☐ Fragile items
    • ☐ Paintings
    • ☐ Other high value
  • ☐ Waste collection organised
  • ☐ Notify energy and utility providers of move
  • ☐ Have the new property surveyed
    • ☐ Insulation
    • ☐ Infrastructure
    • ☐ Gas
    • ☐ Electricity
  • ☐ If you are in a rental, give notice
  • ☐ Pack each room down separately with a numbers system
  • ☐ Pack hardware in separate boxes for fragile items
  • ☐ Invest in a hard drive for electrics
  • ☐ Take pictures of cables to make reconnections easier
    • ☐ Television
    • ☐ Internet
    • ☐ Sound systems
  • ☐ Cancel subscriptions
    • ☐ Magazines
    • ☐ Promotional content
    • ☐ Food delivery
  • ☐ Alert friends and family of the new address


The above is what you should have completed at least 6 weeks before moving house, as the next few weeks will require you to put items in to storage, pack and color code boxes as well as stay on top of any issues that may arise such as potentially having to change plans with a removal company or even getting certain things booked. If you have at least covered the above points 6 weeks before, you can stress less close to the time as these are usually things that take the longest, so doing it in advance will save you time, money (yes!) and stress.

We wish you the best of luck with your move, and if you would like a more in-depth guide then please download or checklist which details everything from 3 months all the way to a day after you have moved into the property!


Author: Claire Stapley
Claire Stapley is's Energy Editor, based in Melbourne Australia. Claire is a founding member of News and Energy Team.