Tango Energy: Electricity plans

Tango Energy is the retail arm of Hydro Pacific, a multi-national corporation with a strong focus on green energy policy and investment in renewables. While Tango Energy only supply electricity in Victoria at the moment, the company has big plans for future expansion. With their headquarters near Melbourne and a local customer service team, Tango Energy remains focused on supplying the best possible deals to Victorian households, as well as business customers of all shapes and sizes. Tango Energy is proud to have:

Received Awards For Their High Rates Of Customer Satisfaction

In 2018 Tango Energy received the Canstar Blue award for ‘Most Satisfied Customers’ in the category of Electricity Providers – Victoria. This was followed up in 2019 by their receiving 5 out of 5 stars in customer ratings (based on their overall satisfaction with the company). This positive result was no doubt influenced by their locally-staffed customer contact centre.

Energy Plans That Are Simple To Understand

Tango Energy understands that sometimes all a customer really wants is a simple low rate – they don’t want to worry about discounts that only apply under certain conditions or deals that come into effect during a few specific hours of the day. So, Tango offers a simple, low rate plan with fixed pricing for a minimum of 12 months.

Plans For Both Small & Large-Scale Businesses

While some energy retailers are marketed towards residential or small business customers only, Tango Energy are able to cater to the needs of big businesses as well. This includes industrial electricity accounts that will typically spend over $30,000 annually on the power bills. Tango Energy work with big businesses to ensure they’re getting the best possible energy deal for their company.

A Range Of Billing Options To Suit a Range Of Customers

Some people today pay all of their bills online. Others prefer to make payments by credit card so they can earn points. But some people still prefer paying the way they always have, by cash or cheque. Tango Energy doesn’t discriminate when it comes to payment options, so customers can use BPay, credit card, direct debit, cheque or even cash at their nearest Australia Post outlet.

Flexible Options For Those Having Difficulty Paying

Tango Energy have a range of different options available for any customers that might be having a hard time staying on top of their bills. This includes payment extensions for those with a cash-flow problem and adjustable payment plans for those seeking to pay off their bill over a period of time. They also offer expert advice on how you can reduce your energy consumption, which will result in lower bills in the long-term.

Competitive Pricing

Tango Energy doesn’t have a lot of added gimmicks such as pay on time discounts or rewards programs – their selling point is their competitive pricing. For this reason, you’ll find that Tango Energy offers some great electricity rates, with lock-in pricing for added confidence. If you’re curious to see how Tango Energy compare, try using our free energy retailer comparison service.