Switching to An Online Only Energy Supplier

Electricity costs in Australia have soared by 63% during the last ten years, so it’s no wonder so many households are feeling the pain of increasing energy bills. Many households now count the electricity bill as one of their most substantial monthly expenses. So, this raises the question: are you getting the best energy deal available? If you haven’t completed an online energy comparison lately, then I hate to break it to you, but you probably aren’t (sorry!).

While most energy suppliers offer alluring discounts early on in a contract, the actual savings can start to erode with time. Tariffs are slowly increased, limited discounts end and all of a sudden, you’re paying a lot more for your energy consumption than you were a year or two ago. Clearly, it’s time to look for a better deal, but how do you decide which energy supplier is right for you? Is it worth switching to an online-only energy supplier? What are the benefits of using a retailer that is based primarily online?

With more and more online-only suppliers joining the market, these questions have become a whole lot more common. And while an online-only energy supplier won’t suit every household, they do have a lot to offer:

  • Online Only = Lower Prices: Like any online store, an online-only energy supplier will have minimal overheads. This means that they have fewer expenses, so they can afford to offer lower prices to their customers. Most online-only energy suppliers will actively market their lower prices as one of their key selling features, portraying themselves as middlemen willing to take on the big energy providers in a fight for everyday Australians. Because of this, the deals they offer are usually pretty good.


  • Easy to Deal With: There’s nothing more frustrating than spending hours on the phone trying to set up an energy account with a new provider. Fortunately, most online-only energy suppliers have streamlined the process and made it possible for everything to be completed online. They don’t want the expense of staffing massive call centres, so their connection and disconnection processes are, by necessity, simple and self-explanatory.


  • Easy to Use Tools for Managing Usage: One of the great perks of signing up with an online-only energy supplier is that they generally offer a great range of online tools. You can use these tools to track ongoing energy usage, pay bills and update your details. Many online-only suppliers also offer apps that allow you to check how much power your solar panels are generating and even zero in on which appliances are using up excessive amounts of power.


  • Focused on Customer Service: A concern that many people have about online-only energy suppliers is: “what happens if I need to speak to a real person?” As a result, many online-only energy suppliers are going above and beyond in their customer service as a way to allay fears. For example, Powershop has an award-winning Customer Service team that can be contacted by phone, Skype or email and was included in a list of ‘Top 10 Energy Companies’ for 2019, in part because of their excellent reputation for customer service.
Author: Bec Wilkinson
Bec Wilkinson is an ElectricityComparison.com.au News Contributor from Melbourne, Australia. Bec is a founding member of the Electricity Comparison news team.