Powerdirect: Electricity for your home and business

Powerdirect have a big range of competitive energy plans available to customers at affordable prices.

Powerdirect offer customers a very no-frills approach to energy – it’s simple, affordable and reliable. As one of the first independent retailers to pop up after the energy market was deregulated, Powerdirect now has over 20 years’ experience as an energy provider. Operating in Queensland, South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria, Powerdirect can give their customers:

Great Business Plans

While Powerdirect also supplies power to residential customers they are primarily a business energy retailer. This means that they have a great range of competitive business plans on offer and understand the energy needs of businesses, both big and small. One of the great things about Powerdirect is their ability to cater to multi-site businesses, so you won’t have to worry about several different power bills coming in for just one business. 

Solar Feed-in Tariffs

For customers with solar panels installed, Powerdirect offer a solar feed-in tariff that can save you real money on your energy bills (particularly during the long hot days of summer). With the feed-in tariff, all the excess solar energy your panels produce can be fed back into the power supply grid. Powerdirect will then credit you for the amount of power your panels have supplied – an environmentally-friendly solution that will save you money!

Powerdirect Bill Smoothing

Many Australians dread receiving their power bills during the cold winter months (when heaters are operating day and night) or after a sweltering summer (when the air conditioner has been running flat out). To minimise bill shock, Powerdirect offers a Bill Smoothing plan where payments are carefully estimated and then made in regular installments. Rather than enormous bills interspersed with tiny bills, you’ll just pay the same low price each month or fortnight.

Competitive Discounts

Powerdirect offers its customers great discounts, making their energy plans very competitively priced. Rather than offer a whole range of confusing plans, Powerdirect has just a single, simple residential plan for each state. These plans (known as a ‘Rate Saver’ in Victoria and a ‘Discount Saver’ everywhere else) are designed by Powerdirect to offer customers good value-for-money.

Energy Saving Advice

Rather than just trying to charge customers as much money as possible, Powerdirect actively encourages households to practice energy efficiency. On their website, they have a range of suggested tips to help people minimise their energy usage, both at home and at work, plus a free downloadable energy efficiency guide.


Powerdirect has signed up to the Australian government’s GreenPower initiative, meaning customers have the option of choosing to offset a percentage of their households’ energy consumption. Under the Powershop GreenPower program, you can choose to offset either 20% or 10% of your power usage and, for a small weekly fee, Powerdirect will purchase a matching amount of power exclusively from renewable energy sources. While most other retailers charge a per kWh rate for this service, Powershop’s minimal weekly charge allows you to budget for a consistent amount.