How long does it take to connect electricity?

Switching your electricity supplier takes different time periods depending on what type of plan you have, but if you are switching supplier then your electricity will never ‘cut out’ in-between the switch. Usually, the switching process can take anything between two weeks to three months, and this will be a smooth transition that your old and new supplier will be able to help you with.

Once you are set up in your home, we recommend calling your electricity provider immediately to speak with them about connecting your electricity supply. This can take anything between two to four hours to connect you, and in some cases, you may have a maximum of 6 hours without electricity. This is a smooth and timely process that means you will not be cut off from electricity for an elongated amount of time.

If for any reason you have problems, an engineer will need to come to your home to check cables in case you are struggling to get a connection. This, in reality, should not happen when moving into a property from a previous owner, but you may experience some issues if this is a brand new property from a recent development and you are the first person to be living in the property. In short, these issues are very rare but when they do arise you may be stuck without electricity for around twenty-four hours. As much as this is an annoyance, sometimes these situations are inevitable.

There are four things that you can do as preventative measures to ensure you hopefully do not experience the latter:


  • Have the house surveyed: Before moving in, have surveyors look around the property and check connections. This should enable you to have a shorter period of time where you will not be connected, and the surveyors will be able to see if there are any underlying issues. If there are problems with your connection, at least you can troubleshoot them before moving into the property so you are not stuck without electricity for an extended period of time.
  • Plan ahead: Sometimes, you get bad luck and you may be disconnected for twenty-four hours. Plan ahead just in case this happens. Organize to stay at friends or relatives’ houses if you are unable to live for 24 hours without electricity.
  • Switch early: The moment you have secured your property, alert your electricity provider at least 6 weeks before you move, enabling you to have a smooth process.
  • Keep your paperwork in a safe place: We cannot stress this enough, make sure to keep a hold of all your paperwork as you will need it for reference when switching.


Finally, be patient! This is easier said than done, but there will always be teething problems when moving to a new property. The best thing you can do is all of the above points, and just know that you will not be stuck without electricity forever.

Author: Claire Stapley
Claire Stapley is's Energy Editor, based in Melbourne Australia. Claire is a founding member of News and Energy Team.