How do you connect electricity in your new home?

Congratulations! You have moved home. An exciting but somewhat stressful experience, you need not worry about connecting electricity in your new home as it can be a seamless process. Before you move home, we recommend planning far in advance with alerting the provider of your old home about you moving, as well as looking into electricity and energy plans for your new property. In this article we are going to run through the process of getting your electricity connected in five simple steps:

  • Find out who supplies the electricity currently in your new home: You can do this simply by checking with the seller or by asking your estate agent to gather these details for you. Make sure that prior to doing this you have settled your final bill at your previous home and the seller has made the final payment to the electricity company. If you have any issues your estate agent should be able to sort this before you do an exchange.


  • Give the current meter readings: This is simple to do and can be made easier if the seller has a smart meter installed. All you need to do is take the reading (whether it is analog or smart) and contact the current provider. They can then advise you on the tariff that they will be charging you either on a fixed rate or a flexible contract. Again, make sure that the seller has settled outstanding payments before doing this.


  • Check that you are happy with the deal from the new provider: If you are unsatisfied with how much the new electricity provider is charging you, do not sweat. Simply use a price comparison website to check that you are getting the best deal and shop around. You may even want to use the provider you had at your old property. Make sure that prior to doing this you do a search using the new postcode, as certain states in Australia do not allow for you to switch providers if they only have one supplier for that area. We recommend looking at fixed-rate and flexible plans so you can compare what will be best for you in your new home.


  • Switch (if you need to): once you have successfully switched it should be a smooth process with a cancellation period of 10-14 days (depending on the supplier). Ensure that you inquire with the supplier on what the cancellation period is and what the fee is if you decide to cancel later down the line.


  • Enjoy your new home!: It sounds cliché, but there is no better feeling than unpacking boxes, settling in and knowing that you have all the ‘hard stuff’ sorted!

If you have any further issues with getting connected when moving home, this may be deeper than a provider issue. We always recommend having the house surveyed for any issues before moving in, and if problems persist to contact an electrician. We wish you the best of luck in your new home!

Author: Claire Stapley
Claire Stapley is's Energy Editor, based in Melbourne Australia. Claire is a founding member of News and Energy Team.