Household factors that could cause bill shock

Household factors that could cause bill shock

For starters, let me ask you something. Is it safe to say that you are the sort of individual who dreads looking at your electricity bill each month around when the “time comes”? If the answer is “Yes” then I may conclude that also it very well may plague you to try and keep up your finances when you don’t know how much of your utilities will cost every month.

The typical solution would be to reprimand your supplier for climbing up rates, but if we are, to be honest, your bill is significantly more prone to be high as a direct result of your utilisation.

Your day-to-day energy usage.

So, if you were just thinking about setting aside some cash, we’ve spotted a couple of the most probable guilty parties behind the high energy use in your home so you can drop it down a notch when it comes to your energy usage rate.

Appliances and Electronics

The most common reason why your electric bill is or might be high (again)? Blame it on every household appliance or piece of electronics you own that is still plugged in your wall sockets, whether you are using them or not. Do you think pressing the “power” button is all it takes? Well, do I have news for you! Anything you have plugged in around your home is still drawing electricity even when turned off and sitting idle.

Household Lighting

When talking about lighting up your household, it is another common tragic mistake to try and use the lights to brighten up the whole room. That will with no doubt add up to your electricity bills. Instead, focus on natural sources of light (hint: windows).  Also, in order to use light efficiently, make it a habit to provide light directly and only where needed around the room. For example, your workspace, the sofa in the living room, the bedroom counter or kitchen. Place a lamp or two around these places in your home. You will create a more pleasant overall atmosphere instead of playing sun simulator with full room ceiling lights. The add up to your bill can additionally be caused by keeping the lights on when nobody’s using them. Who would’ve thought, right?

Charging your Devices

Stop for a minute and think of all the electric devices you own and need charging on a daily basis. From your phone, mp3 player, iPad, to electric razors, laptops, and the rest of the bunch.The more of these energy-sucking vampires you own — the more probable you are to cover a costly electric tab as a result of them.

So, this way, whenever your electric bill sends you into a flood of budgetary frenzy, think about the source before blaming your provider. Odds are, you have some things to change around your household when it comes to energy consumption.


Author: Cyril Spasof
Cyril Spasof is's resident energy contributor. Cyril is a founding member of the team.