Energy saving tips for your business

Congratulations! Being a business owner is exciting, rewarding and a true test of discipline. When setting up a business there are multiple costs to think about, and for some businesses, energy is the lifeblood that can support the business to run. In this article we are going to run through 10 top energy saving tips for your business that are easy to stick to, and should allow you to save money that you can spend in other areas of your enterprise.

  • Reduce ‘general’ energy usage: No, we do not mean sit in darkness! Install energy-saving bulbs and use natural light as much as possible. Energy-saving bulbs may not be as bright, but this simple change (especially in an office setting) can make a huge difference to your energy bill.
  • Only use air conditioning/heating where necessary: In hot Australian weather, air conditioning is key to ensure that working conditions are comfortable for employees. At the same time, it is important to only use this where necessary. If there are particular areas of the business that are prone to needing more heating/air conditioning, prioritize those and try to reduce usage in other areas.
  • Insulate: This will help keep heat/cool in your business. Insulate the walls, invest in double-glazing and get a surveyor to look around your business and advise you on where you may need work done in terms of insulation.
  • Motion sensors: Just in case someone forgets to turn the lights off, invest in motion sensors so you are not paying for electricity aimlessly overnight.
  • Standby: Turn all appliances off standby to save yourself money, especially if you are in an office environment where there are multiple electrical appliances.
  • Train your staff: The best way to save energy is to educate your employees on it. If they are mindful and look after the way they use energy in the business, then it will allow you to save money in the long term.
  • Keep your eye out for new plans: We advise looking at new plans every 18 months to 2 years. This means that you will always be looking for the best deals that are suitable for your business. Also, if your business grows in terms of location, you will want to look for a plan that can best support that.
  • Go renewable: Look at renewable energy plans and invest in solar panels. This is an initial expense that will help you save money in the long term. Also, it is a lot better for the environment.
  • Upgrade old appliances: If your computer system is out of date, or your radiators are constantly breaking, it will save you money to upgrade and invest in smarter, modern appliances that will not drain energy in your business.
  • Remote management system: Have a remote management system that either you look after or a trusted manager can control. This means that you can control energy usage from a smartphone or app on a computer, and will encourage you to be mindful of how the business uses energy.
Author: Claire Stapley
Claire Stapley is's Energy Editor, based in Melbourne Australia. Claire is a founding member of News and Energy Team.