Energy Locals: Carbon-neutral electricity plans

Fed up with confusing pricing structures and ever-changing tariffs, Energy Locals has taken an entirely new approach to the power supply. With a focus on clean energy that doesn’t cost the earth, Energy Locals has committed to low-cost fees, a simple pricing structure and the advancement of new technology. In partnership with Tesla, Energy Locals are working on several exciting new developments that could cause real waves in the power industry, while also focusing on staying carbon neutral.

What else have they got to offer?

Simplified Bills

Energy Locals is all about avoiding the small print – they don’t want you to waste time trying to decipher how much your energy costs at various times throughout the day and they don’t want you to have to pay excessive fees. With this in mind, they operate with a fixed fee membership of $4.50 per week. In exchange, Energy Locals offers wholesale energy rates, meaning you could potentially be saving quite a bit. And because the only profit Energy Locals makes is from the membership fee, they won’t hold back from passing on improved tariffs or offering energy saving advice.

All-Round Carbon Neutral

To demonstrate their commitment to helping the planet, Energy Locals has Certified Emission Reductions that are validated by the National Carbon Offset Standard. This means that they have estimated the total amount of power that they will supply over a 12 month period and then have purchased carbon offsets of an equal value. This commitment to offsetting greenhouse gas emissions extends right through the heart of their company and covers emissions from all of their business operations.

Focused on Customer Service

To ensure their clients remain satisfied, Energy Locals employ a Customer Service team that is 100% Australian-based and utilise a call system that minimises the amount of time you have to spend getting transferred. In fact, when you call Energy Locals you only have to dial one extra digit before you speak to a real human being. If you’re flat out at work and don’t have time to talk, then you can also make use of their website chat function instead.


Acknowledging the importance of renewable energy, Energy Locals aim to reward customers who use solar by offering competitive feed-in tariffs and fast installation of digital meters. Energy Locals are also currently working in partnership with Enosi (an Australian-based startup) to develop a peer-to-peer power bank. Once implemented, this would allow customers to sell their excess solar energy to other customers who don’t have access to install solar.

Supporting Great Causes

In addition to donating to NSW Surf Lifesaving, Cancer Council Australia, Starlight Children’s Foundation and the McGrath Foundation, Energy Locals also focus on supporting community projects. They’ve partnered with Manilla Community Renewable Energy Inc. and launched a local initiative for the construction of a community solar farm. In support of this cause, Energy Locals has committed to donating 50% of the profits gained from each small business and household that signs up