Can I switch supplier if I have a smart meter?

Smart meters are a brilliant way to send an accurate, timely reading to your energy provider. They are becoming an increasingly popular way to manage energy usage, as it gives you real-time pricing as well as allowing you to have more accurate energy bills on a monthly or quarterly basis. Smart meters are disrupting the traditional manual meters that billed you on the estimate, rather than an accurate figure. Most providers on the market will operate using a smart meter, and eventually, smart meters will take over the old way of reading energy.

So, can I switch suppliers if I have a smart meter?

Of course, you can! It is no different to having a manual meter where you must send readings. In fact, switching suppliers with a smart meter can often be a quicker and smoother process as you need to wait less time to move over to your new provider, since there are digital readings sent to your provider every 30 minutes. Depending on when you joined your provider, you may have different versions of smart meters. There have been reports noting that older smart meters sometimes crash digitally when switching but will still send accurate readings to your new provider. It is important to note that if you know you have an older smart meter with your provider to alert them and request a new one during the switch. This is simple to do and should not take too much time.

How can I switch suppliers?

The best way to find a deal that will suit your current situation is by using a price comparison website. From there you can look at all energy deals as well as the switching process. Most companies in Australia will operate with a smart meter, but it is worth checking before you switch. You can usually do this through a price comparison website, or by calling them up.

Why would I choose a supplier with a smart meter?

  • Real-time readings: Smart meters are much quicker than the old meters that require manual readings. These send digital readings to your provider as quick as every thirty minutes.
  • Quicker to switch: Having a smart meter can speed the switching process up by as quick as four weeks.
  • Save money: Smart meters give you daily readings of how much you have spent that day. Having a smart meter enables you to track how much you are spending on a regular basis.
  • Enables you to be green: Similar to tracking your spending, you can see how much energy you are using and can correlate this with how you are affecting the environment.

In summary, smart meters can make switching providers a much easier process, and if in doubt on which provider to go for, make sure you use a price comparison website. If your smart meter goes down in the switching process, remember it will still send accurate readings whilst you request a new smart meter from your supplier.

Author: Claire Stapley
Claire Stapley is's Energy Editor, based in Melbourne Australia. Claire is a founding member of News and Energy Team.