Are smart meters safe?

If you have been using a ‘traditional’ meter your whole life, making a switch to smart meters, especially if you do not know a lot about them, may seem daunting. Good news is that you do not need to worry, as in this article we are going to explain what smart meters are and how they work, what makes them safe as well as debunking some myths about smart meters.

 What is a smart meter and how do they work?

A smart meter is a digital device that records energy consumption in real-time and can report back to your provider as quickly as every thirty minutes. What makes smart meters easy to use is that you do not have to do any manual readings yourself, and you can track your usage as it will show you how many dollars you spent that day on energy. Smart meters can be connected with apps and smartphones to help control energy usage in the home. Using a smart meter can make billing easier, as you will be able to monitor your spending and energy efficiency in a much better way.

Are they safe? If so,  what makes them safe?

Of course! They comply with safety standards and are completely safe to have in the home. You will have a smart meter installed by a professional, so these are individuals who are accredited; you will never have to install a smart meter yourself. If there are any technical faults with your smart meter, you can speak with your energy provider and get it fixed. In fact, when having a smart meter installed, your engineer will do other checks around the home for faults, and some smart meters during installation have actually uncovered other issues within the home. Think of it as having a quick safety check of your home, and that is what a smart meter does whilst it is being installed.

Myths about smart meters… debunked!

  • Smart meters are bad for my health: This is incorrect. Smart meters have to be approved and pass standards before they are even allowed in the home. Despite being a new piece of equipment, smart meters went under multiple checks before being released to the public.
  • Smart meter radio waves are dangerous: The waves produced by smart meters to send data to your provider is no different than the waves that are emitted from your Wi-Fi or smartphone. So, completely safe!
  • My smart meter data is not safe: In some circumstances, your data may be shared with other third-party agents that have a vested interest in needing the data. If you do not want a third party to have your data, you can always opt-out. Aside from that, your data will always be safe!

In summary, smart meters are brilliant. Not only can you track your energy usage, but you can also take more control over your finances and how you use energy in the home. Smart meters allow for accuracy and efficiency, so ditch having to do meter readings and invest in a smart meter!

Author: Claire Stapley
Claire Stapley is's Energy Editor, based in Melbourne Australia. Claire is a founding member of News and Energy Team.