AGL Energy: Electricity and gas plans

The Australian Gas Light company was incepted in 1837 and is one of the oldest standing energy providers in Australia!

AGL originally started powering Sydney alone in 1837 with electricity, before expanding over multiple decades to be a provider across nearly the whole of Australia. Pricing varies from state to state, and it is a provider that allows you to opt for GreenPower, which is brilliant!

While there are many newer and smaller energy retailers joining the market, AGL remains an industry giant. Operating in Australia for over 180 years, AGL has the biggest power generation portfolio in the country and 3.7 million customers. If you’re looking for solid, reliable and proven, then AGL is hard to beat.

But AGL is by no means stuck in the past – in fact, they’re heavily invested in renewable energy and have a firm commitment to exit the coal-fired power sector by 2048. They’re also financing new energy projects to deliver a consistent power supply that remains affordable for their customers.

They also offer:

Membership Rewards

As an AGL customer you’ll be entitled to a great range of membership rewards that are updated every month. AGL views this as a way of thanking loyal customers, so they work hard to provide a wide range of deals and deliver regular updates on the latest specials and promotional offers. Customers can expect reduced movie tickets, discounts on groceries and excellent deals on accommodation.

Smart Home Kits

AGL customers who already have Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa connectivity are eligible to sign up for a Smart Home Kit. The Smart Home Kit will connect all of the smart devices in your home back to Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, giving you total voice control over your powered appliances. So, if you want to turn off a light, you can do so with a simple voice command. Not only that, but Smart Home Kits allow you to monitor your overall power usage, making it easier to lower your energy bills.

Electric Vehicle Plans

As part of their ongoing commitment to the environment, AGL offers an Electric Vehicle (EV) plan for any customers who drive an electric-powered car. Customers on an EV plan will receive credits of up to $480 (across a two-year contract) which can be used to offset their power bills. Additionally, AGL promise to lock-in electricity rates for up to 2-years, while also giving customers the freedom to charge their EV at any time of the day or night (no unfair price hikes when charging during peak times).

Significant Investments in Renewable Energy

AGL are reported to be Australia’s biggest investor (ASX-listed) in renewable energy, as they continue to move towards reduced reliance on coal-powered energy supply. In addition to solar and wind-powered energy stations, they also own and operate biogas, landfill gas, and hydroelectric power generation projects. AGL also operates Future Forests, a program where customers can opt-in to offset personal greenhouse gas emissions.

Batteries for Solar

AGL operates a Virtual Power Plant which helps to manage power supply and reduce prices for households with solar panels and a compatible battery. The VPP works to connect compatible solar batteries forming a network that makes the grid more reliable for all customers. As a reward for customers who choose to invest in solar batteries, AGL provides a $100 bonus towards your first power bill, plus $45 of credit each quarter for your first 12 months as an AGL customer.

Benefits of Provider

  • Multiple payment options: This provider has multiple options all the way to paying by cheque!
  • GreenPower: Opting for GreenPower has never been so simple, you can actually get 100% of your electricity from renewable sources with AGL
  • Rewards system: Great if you love collecting discounts and rewards!

States Available

State Gas Electricity
VIC Yes Yes
NSW Yes Yes
QLD Yes Yes
SA Yes Yes
NT No No
WA No No

Energy Types Available

Energy Type


Solar Yes
Greenpower Yes
Electricity Yes
Gas Yes

Payment Methods

  • Online payment options: Pay using online facilities
  • Direct Debit: Have an automatic payment come straight out from your account
  • BPAY
  • Pay in person: Go in branch and pay for your bill
  • Pay via mail/cheque
  • SMS pay: Pay using your telephone
  • Straight from bank

Contact Info

Phone: 133 677