1st Energy: Compare electricity services

If you haven’t heard of 1st Energy before it’s because they’re one of the new kids on the energy retailer block. Founded in 2014, this Aussie-based company offers a range of residential and business plans to customers in Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania. 1st Energy believes that energy prices should be based on “the real cost of doing business”, so they aim to keep pricing simple and low. They also place a high emphasis on customer satisfaction – they want their customers to trust them and feel like they’re being well looked after. These are just some of the reasons why they’re:

Offering More Choice to Tasmanian Residents

Tasmanian energy has long been dominated by Aurora, a state-owned energy retailer. But this has all changed with 1st Energy becoming the first independent energy supplier to offer residential plans in Tasmania. With lower rates, Tasmanian households could potentially save up to $100 a year by switching to 1st Energy. For a full comparison, why not use our free online tool to see if you could be getting a better energy deal.

Focused on Customer Service

Everyone knows the headache that is trying to get in touch with your energy supplier – the long wait times, the incessant transferring through different departments, the feeling that no one is really interested in helping you. 1st Energy understands these frustrations and remains determined to stand out from the crowd in the matter of customer service. They market their smaller business as being better placed to solve customer problems quickly, efficiently and in a way that reinforces just how much they actually care.

Promising Long-standing Benefits

Many energy retailers offer a sign-up bonus, credit or discount deal that is great while it lasts, but that inevitably expires after a set period (generally 12 months after sign-up). 1st Energy promises that they won’t revoke your contract benefits once the initial term has expired. Instead, you can go on enjoying their low rates for as long as you like.

Keeping Flexible Payment Options

1st Energy understands that their customers come from many different demographics and that they have different preferences when it comes to paying their bills. This is why they’ve kept a great range of payment options available. So, if you’re still most comfortable mailing out a cheque, they’re happy for you to do that. If you want to pay with a credit card, that’s fine (and they won’t sting you with added credit card fees). Customers receiving Centrelink payments can even use Centrepay deductions to pay their bills.

Running an Informative Website

The 1st Energy website is simple, yet very informative. Customers can register for an online account which will enable them to access their billing history, update their details and even monitor their energy consumption (making it easier to budget for upcoming bills). The website also includes some practical tips on how people can lower their energy consumption – they’ll even email you a personal energy-saving plan that you can follow.